École (エコール , Ekōru) the shadowy dollhouse were gods were born. The center of Incarnate experiments, where all the Incarnates were created.


The Incarnate facility was built inside an old mine.[1]

People were took there in total secrecy. It was the same coming or going. Only select miltary and goverment officals knew the facility's exact loaction. Those who were there were boarded in Harting Army Hospital, a facade for the facility, the part they wanted to keep strictly secret.[1] Those who became Incarnates had there bodies cut open to house the power of beasts, the divine fossils. Any and all records relating Incarnates were kept to a minimmum and believed to be hard to locate.[2]


The Patrain goverment constructed this facility in the strictest secery with the goal of researching and devolping Incarnates. It was designed to look like an army hospital, in a secluded location, so that even people in nearby towns suspected nothing. Above ground, the building contained ordinary exam rooms and sickrooms, which were actually the temporary barricks for Incarnate candiates. The main part of the reasearch facility was inside a mine dug into the mountian rising behind the outer building. The old coal mine was enlarged to house laboratories and rooms for surgical proceedures, observation, and controls, where sciencetists and experimental subjects would live together for long periods of time. Incarnates also went through simple training excerises here, and for many of them, it became of place rich with memoires.

The research itself was top secert, and even among goverment officals, only a select few had so much as superfical details. Due to accidental explosion at École near the end of the war, most of the research data was burned, and all of the sciencetists apparently lost their lives as well. After the war, the miltary conducted an investigation, but nothing of value was found and the falcity was sealed off for good. Secrecy at École was paramount, and there were limited means of contacting the outside world even in event of a fire, so it was not discovered in a timely manner. The investigation noted faint but defaint traces of intruders that came after the incident.[3]



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