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Arthur Allston
Arthur Allston.png
Japanese Name アーサー ・オールストン
Rōmaji Name Āsā Ōrusuton
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Height 50m
Occupation Soldier (Formerly)
Affiliation Incarnate Soldier Unit (Formerly)
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 4; Episode 1
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Arthur Allston (アーサー ・オールストン, Āsā Ōrusuton)[1] is a Behemoth Incarnate and member of Incarnate Soldier Unit during the Civil War.


He appears to be just an ordinary silent man.


He was a man of few words, who faithfully followed orders, never complaining about harsh duties, showing no desires nor emotions.




Being shot by soldiers in the area, Behemoth heads towards the railway until it's attacked by Hank Henriette who takes it down. Behemoth is subdued shortly aferwards. Later that night, the Behemoth is attacked with explosives which it allows to roam free.[1]

While charging towards the railway bridge Behemoth is confronted by Hank who questions where its heading. Demanding to be answered, the Behemoth smirks until a boulder falls on him. As the Behemoth gets up, an explosion opens a hole in its stomach. As the sun shines on his face the Behemoth collapses on to the floor and dies smiling.[2]


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