Bold Creek

Bold Creek is a town located on the western slopes of New Partria. The old town orginally founded as a foothold from which to develop the western region, was built as a miltary stronghold for Free Nation of New Patria.[1]


In the age of expansion, before the Civil War, people ventured forth from the captial Newfort, crossing the great mountian range, it served as a large trading area for frontiersmen. They let their dreams run wild on the uncultivated, unexplored lands but enthusiam waned is it became known that the barren waste lands lay beyond, and then the Civil War left those dreams unfilled. Those who remain after the war struggled with the inncovince of travel to the mountian-locked captial and the duty to support the people stranded in the west. The railroads of the west were laid far to the south of Bold Creek, and few people crossed the mountians to visit. Only fugtive outlaws who couldn't remain the captial or those with questionable pasts would brave the dangerous journey. Now, this place is nothing but an out-of-the way town hoping for a western frontier boom.[2]


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