The discovery of Somnium, the cause of the conflict.


The discovery of a new energy ore called Somnium caused conflict between the Northern City of Industry and Southern City of Mining, which erupted into a civil war, splitting the nation.

The civil war that split the nation into the Northern Union of Patria and Southern Confederation of Patria was dominated by the south, as they far outnumbered the north.

Incarnates Arrive

Incarnates arrive to turn the tide.

Fearing defeat, the Northern government used a forbidden technology to turn the tide by creating unique soldiers. Hideous-looking soldiers who overran the battlefield in a blink of an eye. The people likened them to gods, and called them "Incarnates".

The Northern goverment moved forward with top secret ceasefire negotiations. Drafting a peace treaty. The country that was split into north and south would become one again.[1]

The Incarnates brought the Civil War to an end. Both sides continue to struggle with poverty and inequality resulting in the war unresolved.[2]


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