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Double Walker Town a sleepy town once plagued by rumors of a strange disease.


A logging two founded by two families of frontiersmen for the purpose of forestry.

There is a high demand for lumber, especially in the age of the railroad; simular villages abound through out the Patrian continent. Like others, it was poor but peaceful, nothing notable about it. The location, however put in danger from the flames of war ever since hostility between North and South worsened.

If there was one noteworthy thing about this place, it would be the tale of Doppelganger. Someone who looked like a townsperson would appear, and if the person should cross paths with this "double-walker", they were doomed to die within a few days. Many such stories are known in folklore, but in this town, there is an unsual number of accounts recorded, with over a dozen victims.

Today, these pheomena are thought to be hallucinations, and there is speculation that there is some genetic factor with an effect on the town. As the town grew and more settlers came in from elsewhere, Doppelganger sightings diminished, lending credence to that hypothesis. Now they exist only in tales to frighten children.[1]


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