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Elaine Bluelake
Japanese Name エレイン・ブルーレーク
Rōmaji Name Erein Burūrēku
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Engineer
Affiliation Incarnates
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 2; Episode 1
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Elaine Bluelake (エレイン・ブルーレーク Erein Burūrēku)[1] is an old friend of Hank and the engineer who created the Incarnates.


Elaine is tall woman with long black hair with a fringe and blue eyes, she wore a long sleeved jacket from the neck down.


Elaine is, at her core, a fundamentally caring person. Her kind nature makes her easy to trust and befriend, and she always does her best for those important to her. She also displays great intelligence, to the point where she astonishes adults and other young geniuses. Despite her kindness, she is affected deeply by her ability to hear a strange sound produced when she is near Somnium. Her desire to understand the mysterious sound and harness it motivates much of her adult life. This drive pushes her to study nonstop at the risk of her health and her life. When her research starts to bear fruit, she throws herself into her research, becoming a ruthless scientist willing to sacrifice countless lives for it. However, her caring nature resurfaces while monitoring the Incarnate Unit. After discovering their inevitable fate, she overworks herself to find a cure, only choosing to kill them when all else failed.

The only thing more powerful than Elaine's desire to understand Somnium is her feelings for Hank Henriette. Having looked out for him since childhood, she is attached to him more than anyone else in the world. She admits that Hank is the thing that moves her to continue persisting in life, and she does everything she can to support him. Over time, her feelings grow into an attraction that keeps growing even after they part ways. Her love grows to the point where she is willing to ignore her responsibilities to the government and resist the mysterious sound influencing her actions.



Elaine hailed from a wealthy family that owned the town she grew up in. Her life of prosperity came to and end when the Southern Confederation attacked their town, completely leveling it. Sometime after the Confederation moved on, Elaine searched her town for survivors, finding only one: a boy slightly younger than her who lost his memories from the trauma. To avoid falling into sorrow, Elaine put on a brave face and threw herself into caring for the boy she rescued. She takes him with her north to an old friend of her father, but is denied help and left on the streets. It was after this that she gave the boy she met a new name: Hank.[2]

Elaine led Hank to Newfort City, where she used her brains to organize other orphans to help them all survive, while Hank fought off any adults who threatened her safety. Later, a Reverend of The Church - a religious school for young geniuses - appears before her. Impressed by Elaine's intelligence, he offers her a place at the school. She refuses at first, but changes her mind on the condition that Hank be allowed to live there with her[3]. At the institute, Elaine proves herself to be cut above the rest, going on to graduate at the top of her class and strike up a friendship with Cain Withers, the son of the frontrunner for President. While at the school, she also begins hearing a strange sound emanating from a pendant given to her by the Reverend. After graduation, Elaine is exposed to a deposit of Somnium, from which Elaine hears a sound dubbed The Voice of God.[4]

After she graduated, Hank left to join the Army and Cain took a government job. Though heartbroken that Hank was no longer at her side, she went on to study Somnium as an agent of the Church. After hearing that Hank was being deployed to fight, Elaine became desperate to support him, enough that she let the Reverend expose her to the largest known Somnium deposit in Patria. Hearing the Voice more clearly than ever, she learned of a use for the ore, and petitioned Cain's father, now the Union President, to fund a program to create Somnium powered super soldiers.[5]. Given bodies to experiment on, no one survives her experiment, but she discovers a certain biological factor needed to survive the enhancement process. After numerous failures, a dying soldier with the right factors for enhancement is brought to her facility, and the Voice confirms that he is the ideal candidate. However, the soldier in question turns out to be a dying Hank. Elaine initially resists the Voice's desire to enhance Hank, loving him too much to experiment on him. In the end, she decides that keeping him alive was more important, and successfully turned him into the first Incarnate. Despite her guilt over what she turned him into, Elaine was happy to have Hank with her as she began producing more Incarnate soldiers.[6]

Near the end of the Civil War, Elaine speaks with Hank in private, asking if he remembers the vow they made as Incarnates. When he recites their vow, she asks if he regrets the power. Hank denies it, so she informs him of the war ending and the country will become one. Hank asks if peace will return, she confirms it but mentions there's no place for them in it, reveals her duty and shoots him. As Cain appears behind her, she hands him a gun with bullets, apologizing for getting him involved. She tells him he'll kill the rest of their unit until he refuses and shoots her in the chest.[7]

Sometime after the Whitechurch Incident‏‎, Elaine is seen unconscious being held captive by in a glass container in Cain's secret base.[8]


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