Elaine Bluelake
Japanese Name エレイン・ブルーレーク
Rōmaji Name Erein Burūrēku
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Engineer
Affiliation Incarnates
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 2; Episode 1
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Elaine Bluelake (エレイン・ブルーレーク Erein Burūrēku)[1] is an old friend of Hank and was the engineer who created the Incarnates.


Elaine is tall woman with long black hair with a fringe and blue eyes, she wore a long sleeved jacket from the neck down.




When Elaine and Hank Henriette first met Cain Withers, they were war orphans.[2]

During the Civil War, when Hank appears before her, she asks if he remembers the vow they made as Incarnates. When he recites their vow, she asks if he regrets the power. As Hank denies it, she informs him of the war ending and the country will become one. Hank asks if peace will return, she confirms it but mentions there's no place for them in it, reveals her duty and shoots him. As Cain appears behind her, she hands him a gun with bullets, apologizing for getting him involed. She tells him he'll kill the rest of their unit until he refuses and shoots her in the chest.[3]

Sometime after the Whitechurch Incident‏‎, Elaine is seen unconscious being held captive in a glass container.[4]


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