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To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts



Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e

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1 July 2019

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Chapter 2 (p. 27-28)
Chapter 6 (p. 16-25, 27-31)

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"To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts" is the 1st episode of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts anime.


The Northern Union attempts to attack a fortified stronghold held by the Southern Confederacy in the Patria civil war. After taking heavy casualties, the North unleashes its secret weapon: a unit of shape-shifting soldiers called Incarnates who transform into mythical beasts and destroy the enemy base. The Incarnates are led by Hank and his childhood friends, Cain and Elaine. Elaine is the human scientist who created the Incarnates. The Incarnates help North achieve victory after victory but everytime they shapeshift into beasts, it becomes a little harder to return to human. Eventually, tragedy strikes after one battle when an Incarnate goes berserk, indiscriminately attacking allies and enemies. The Incarnate is killed by Union troops. Hank commands his unit to swear to put down any of their comrades who lose their humanity. As the Incarnates prepare to strike a final blow against the capital of the South, Elaine pulls Hank aside and tells him the North and South are already negotiating a peace treaty. She then shoots Hank with a special "Godkiller" bullet designed to destroy Incarnates, saying she cannot return the Incarnates to humans and they will eventually all become beasts. The only way to save them is to kill them before that happens. She hands a gun to her co-conspirator, Cain, to help her eliminate the rest of the squad before committing suicide, but Cain shoots her instead, unwilling to give up his powers. Two years later, Hank wakes from a coma in Union territory where a Northern intelligence agent named Liza tells him Cain and the surviving Incarnates spread out across the continent wreaking havoc in their beast forms, and Elaine's body was never found. Hank swears to complete the oath from two years ago: to destroy Incarnates who went berserk, and begins his new mission as a Beast Hunter.


Anime Differences

  • Parts of the first episode is anime original as some events wasn't in the original manga.
  • Moments about how Elaine betray Hank and how Cain became evil is moved to earlier into this episode. That moment didn't happen until the later parts of the manga.