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*[[Cain Madhouse]]
*[[Cain Madhouse]]
*[[Miles Byron]]
*[[Miles Byron]]
*[[Martin Wall]]
==Anime Differences==
==Anime Differences==

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Episode 11.png
The Start of Troubles Ahead
Japanese Air Date

9 September 2019

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Chapter 22 (32-43), Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27

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"The start of Troubles Ahead" is the 11th episode of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts anime.



Anime Differences

  • Five solders appeared and killed by Miles whereas in the manga, there were only two.
  • The explanation of Bold Creek was changed from narration to the character explaining the area.
  • The conversation between Schaal and Hank in the lookout was omitted.
  • Hank wears the Coup de Grace uniform earlier instead of wearing it during the camp.
  • Hank's transformation was skipped.
  • The trap that caught Miles was used by a net instead of a tripwire.
  • The conversation between Hank and Miles was shortened.
  • There was no rain during the battlefield.
  • The battle lasted longer than the manga.
  • Miles' entire backstory was slightly extended.
  • The Coup de Grace solders was added into the battlefield.
  • Hank uses his spear to blast Miles left arm instead of the canon fire.
  • Hank transforms into his incarnate form to fight Mines. That scene didn't happen in the manga.
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