Episode 12
Those Who Seek
Japanese Air Date

16 September 2019

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Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30 (with some parts removed)

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Episode 11

"Those Who Seek" is the 12th and last episode of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts anime.



Anime Differences

  • A scene where Miglieglia uses her ability to resurrect the dead in the cemetery whereas in the manga, she resurrects them in the battlefield.
  • Instead of Cain destroying the Alphard, Cain gives it to the undead Martin and made him eat it, thus dissolving his corpse.
  • Claude didn't fight in the fort, and because of that, the undead army raiding the fort and Claude noticing Miglieglia and telling this to Hank was omitted.
  • The fight between Hank and Cain was altered and added new scenes that was not in the original manga.
    • Hank fights Cain in his werewolf form whereas in the manga, he fights him in his human form.
    • Both Hank and Cain unleashed their ultimate attack to deliver the final blow.
    • Hank defeats Cain then Cain flees afterwards whereas in the manga, Cain flees but Hank is unable to defeat him.


  • Hank obtaining his ultimate form is a direct reference to Goku going "Ultra Instinct" in Dragonball Super.
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