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The Trigger of Memories



Omoide no Kikkake

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12 August 2019

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Chapter 11 (1-13), Chapter 12, Chapter 13 (1-15, 24-25)

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"The Trigger of Memories" is the 7th episode of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts anime.


The news of Whitechurch's destruction shocked Patria. Two weeks later, Cain, along with the Southerners not pleased by the war's end and many of the remaining Incarnates, declare the land west of Patria, separated by a mountain range, independent of the motherland - New Patria. The government was concerned the remaining Incarnates would ally with the rebels and all were ordered executed. War drew near. Schaal returns home. She thinks back to how the bullet she was shot with was mostly stopped by a dress woven of Incarnate thread, but she doesn't know why they made her wear such a dress. She woke up to learn Hank had been stripped of his rank and the military were searching for him. Schaal walks into town after visiting her father's grave and learns Liza is here with Coup de Grace to eliminate an Incarnate seen in the mountains nearby. Schaal receives permission to accompany the squad as she knows the area. That night they make camp and Claude apologizes that they weren't able to keep Schaal from being shot. Schaal learns he is the son of Patria's president shortly before the Incarnate appears. It turns out to be Schaal's father, whose flesh is rotting even as he walks by. The squad is baffled Nidhogg has risen from the grave, his life force too persistent to end. Liza gives Schaal a box of Godkiller bullets the next day, just in case. Nidhogg returns that night but the squad struggles to kill something that is already dead. Nidhogg takes flight, heading to the town. He reaches it before the people are evacuated and Schaal confronts him. Her father first left to protect the town, but he had lost his soul and was trying to harm his home. Understanding why Hank is killing the Incarnates, Schaal shoots him with the Godkiller bullets, emptying the magazine before her father stops. In his last moments, her father regains his sanity and reaches out to Schaal. Then his body crumbles away. Schaal is glad she got to say goodbye to her father, but still wondered if the only choice was to execute them. She decides to accompany Coup de Grace, as she wants to find and tell Hank something, and Claude gives her permission to come.


Anime Differences

  • Parts of Claude's dialog while he is in the village was omitted.
  • Schaal, Claude, and Liza's conversation was shortened and altered.
  • The first encounter of the dragon Incarnate was slightly changed.
  • The livestock was not used as bait to lure John.
  • Some parts of the villagers' dialog was omitted while some of them were changed.