Free Nation of New Patria

Free Nation of New Patria is a utopia for humans and Incarnates.


A rebel force comprised primarly people dissapointed in the way the Civil War ended in peace, New Patria seeks to overthrow Patria's goverment, and is rapidly expanding throughout the continent's western expanses.

With a core force of surviving Incarnates led by former Incarnate Squad Lieutenant Cain Madhouse, New Patria's milary forces have been further bolsted by former soliders of the Northern and Southern armies who had no where to go after the war ended. Their numbers are weak when compared to the miltary of the Northern Union of Patria, but the presence of Incarnates poses a definite threat. The Incarnates garner respect as tragic heroes and spared the prescution they would face elsewhere. Despite calling itself a nation, neither Northen Union nor the weakenend Southern Confedaration acknowledge New Patria's sovereignty.[1]


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