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Godkiller Bullets (ゴッドキラー・ブレット , Goddokirā Buretto) are poisonous bullets made for taking down Incarnates.


Developed by Dr. Elaine Bluelake, a key Incarnates researcher, Godkiller rounds are specialized bullets. Once fired into an Incarnate, the bullets cause the mutated cells to die off. As ordinary methods are insufficient to defeat an Incarnate, these bullets offer a surefire way to kill them.

Dr. Bluelake's sudden disappearance resulted in the loss of core technical information pertaining to Inc as well as the principles and manufacturing methods of the Godkiller Bullets. Current whereabouts of the existing several dozen bullets are unknown.

While attempts were successful to create replicas of the bullets (based on those found by accident by Northern Soldiers after the war), scarcity of resources and complex manufacturing requirements made mass production impossible, and few replicas that do exist are inferior, significantly less potent than the originals.

The Godkillers used by Hank Henriette are replicas, only useful as a means to deliver the killing blow to a badly wounded Incarnate.[1]


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