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Hank Henriette
Japanese Name ハンク・ヘンリエット
Rōmaji Name Hanku Henrietto
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (Human Form)
White (First Form)
Silver (Second Form)
Eye Color Light Brown (Human Form)
Golden Yellow (Incarnate Form)
Affiliation Incarnate Soldier Unit (Formerly)
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1; Episode 1
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"Beast Hunter" Hank Henriette (ハンク・ヘンリエット Hanku Henrietto)[1] is a Werewolf Incarnate and the Captain of the Incarnate Solider Unit during the Civil War. When the war ended Hank began to travel around the country killing his former allies, those who have broken their promise made with him, during the Civil War.


Hank is a tall and lean man. He sports an unkempt hair that has portions of it that are jutting on the sides somewhat scruffy, has a dark color and covers his forehead. Hank also has thick eyebrows and slanted eyes. Hank is usually seen donning the hood of his coat.

Hanks attire is a coat that has an elaborate design in it. The center has a cloth in it that appears similar to a pentagon, but is elongated, inverted and rectangular in shape, which houses ten buttons, with five resting on each side. It is fastened with a dark-colored belt, which is also adorned with a suspenders that Hank lets loose. Several straps are seen on Hank's clothing; 2 that are resting on the collar area, a pair that is located on the shoulder area and 3, which can be found at the end of the sleeves that are placed on sideways. On the upper part of the sleeves in the bicep area and on the back, a hexagon-shaped insignia can be found. For footwear, Hank dons a light-colored boots. Hank also wears a scarf as well.


Hank displays a rather relaxed personality. He even went as far as to fall asleep in a tavern and did not show any signs of hostility towards Nancy, despite being shot by her. Despite this, Hank is a man of his word and has strong sense of justice. Upon their disbandment, Hank made all of the members of the Incarnate Soldier Unit promise that they would eliminate or be eliminated by their allies if they ever succumbed to their condition and became monsters. Therefore, Hank shows no hesitation in killing any of his former subordinates should they become monsters.

Despite Hank's laid back nature and stoic resolve towards killing his comrades, his actions weigh on him emotionally. The idea that he will likely also lose his humanity from using his Incarnate abilities is ever-present in his mind, making him worry that he might fail to finish off his comrades before then. These feelings increase after his loss of control in Whitechurch; in the months after the incident, he is plagued with nightmares that affect him heavily.



Hank was a child who lived in a town run by the Bluelake family. However, he lost his memories of his early life when the South attacked and razed the town. His first memory from that moment on was being pulled from the rubble of his house by the town's only other survivor: Elaine Bluelake. Given a new name by Elaine, Hank followed her around while she tried to carve out an existence for herself and other war orphans[2]. Things were peaceful for a time, until Elaine was scouted to become part of "The Church," a learning institute for young geniuses. Elaine agreed to go with them on the condition that Hank be brought with her, so he was given a room on the campus, where he met and befriended Cain Withers, who would later join the school as well.

After a few years, Elaine went on to become the Church's top student, but Hank was unable to keep up with her or Cain even after being taught to read and write. Dissatisfied with his dependence on Elaine, he joined the Union Army to prove his independence and contribute to bringing peace to Patria. Cain pulled strings to get him into military school, so Hank threw himself into training, but was kept from the front line until the North was in dire straits, where he quickly learned the grim reality of war. Later, Hank was stationed in a town that was attacked by the South. During the fight, he saw two children caught in the battle and tried to get them to safety, only to be caught in an artillery blast. Terminally wounded, he was taken to École to be experimented on, where he was reunited with Elaine. His old friend, who was spearheading the human experiments, was reluctant to use Hank as a subject, but she later caved and made him the first Incarnate to save his life. By studying Hank, Elaine was able to successfully create more Incarnates, which became the unit Hank led to turn the war in the North's favor.

Near the end of the war, Hank talks with Elaine, and she asks if he remembers the vow they made as Incarnates. When he recites their vow, she asks if he regrets the power. Hank denies it, so she informs him of that the war is ending. Hank asks if peace will return, she confirms it but mentions there's no place for them in it. She then shoots him, stating that the Incarnates will lose their humanity, and she has no idea how to stop it. To save him and the Unit, she intends to work with Cain to kill everyone before they can become beasts. Hank is then forced to watch as Cain double crosses her, shooting her and leaving her for dead. Hank manages to survive and recover from the gunshot wound. Having been found and treated, he wakes up two months later, set on encountering Cain.[3]


Hank and Nancy In Burnwood.

Three years after the war, Hank is resting in Burnwood, waiting for his target in a local tavern. He's suddenly shot at by a young girl, but he survives thank to the armor beneath his jacket. When the shooting stops, he gets up, apologizes to the other patrons, grabs the girl, and takes her outside. Telling her she shouldn't point her gun at humans. She informs him it's a keepsake her father and introduces herself. Not responding, she questions if he’s forgotten that he killed her father. He stops listening to her when hears about the arrival of his target: Daniel Price.[1]

Walking into the street, he confronts Danny, claiming that recent attacks on passing carriages was his doing. Nancy appears in front of Danny, questioning if he intends to kill him like her father. Hank asks why she's protecting a murderer, but is forced to act when Danny tries to attack Nancy. Drawing his weapon, Hank asks if he remembers their promise, which prompts Danny to attack him. Avoiding the attack, Hank jumps on his back and stabs him with his weapon, then triggers the grenade attached to it. Standing above him, Hank apologizes and shoots him in the head. Being questioned by Nancy, Hank reveals their unit's promise, and claims that he and his unit didn't truly end the war. Nancy doesn't understand, so Hank invites her to join him to see if her father deserved to die. Nancy mentions she's left her stuff at the bar, and asks to wait until she can get it, then threatens to shoot him.[1]

Rouge Hill




Tactical Knowledge: Being a former war veteran and captain, he has an intimate knowledge of tactics and warfare.

General Soldier Skills: As a soldier, he was likely taught the use of firearms, unarmed combat, knife fighting, and basic survival skills for in the field.

Transformations: Like all Incarnates, Hank is no longer human. However, unlike any other known Incarnate, he can transform back into his human appearance. He has three known forms.

  • First Form: In his first form, Hank's hair turn white in the moonlight.
  • Second form: In his second form Hank becomes a werewolf, with a taller but still basic human structure, but with the head of a wolf, and his body covered in silver fur with claws and a short tail. General superhuman physical abilities(enhanced strength, speed, endurance, sight, smell, healing, etc.).
  • Third form: Seen only briefly, he can take the form of a giant wolf Fenrir (about 1-2 stories from the ground to the top of his back when standing on all fours.) General superhuman abilities further enhanced from his second form.


  • Spear: Hank carries a giant spear for combat. The spear is collapsible for transport.
  • Revolver: Hank wields a revolver used for firing Godkiller Bullets.
  • Grenade: Hank carries explosive grenades with him. Each one has a rope tied its firing pin for remote detonation.



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