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|occupation= Special Sergeant
|affiliation= [[Incarnates]]
|affiliation= [[Incarnates]]
|debut= [[Chapter 1]]; [[Episode 1]]
|debut= [[Chapter 1]]; [[Episode 1]]
|image gallery= Yes}}
|image gallery= Yes}}
"Beast Hunter" '''Hank''' (ハンク ''Hanku'')<ref name="Chapter 1">To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts [[manga]]: [[Chapter 1]]</ref> is a Warewolf [[Incarnates|Incarnate]], and the Captain of the Incarnate Solider Unit during the [[Civil War]].
"Beast Hunter" '''Hank''' (ハンク ''Hanku'')<ref name="Chapter 1">To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts [[manga]]: [[Chapter 1]]</ref> is a Warewolf [[Incarnates|Incarnate]] and the Captain of the Incarnate Solider Unit during the [[Civil War]].

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Japanese Name ハンク
Rōmaji Name Hanku
Gender Male
Hair Color Black and White
Eye Color
Affiliation Incarnates
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1; Episode 1
Image Gallery

"Beast Hunter" Hank (ハンク Hanku)[1] is a Warewolf Incarnate and the Captain of the Incarnate Solider Unit during the Civil War.


Hank is a tall and lean man. He sports an unkempt hair that has portions of it that are jutting on the sides somewhat scruffy, has a dark color and covers his forehead. Hank also has thick eyebrows and slanted eyes. Hank is usually seen donning the hood of his coat.

Hanks attire is a coat that has an elaborate design in it. The center has a cloth in it that appears similar to a pentagon, but is elongated, inverted and rectangular in shape, which houses ten buttons, with five resting on each side. It is fastened with a dark-colored belt, which is also adorned with a suspenders that Hank lets loose. Several straps are seen on Hank's clothing; 2 that are resting on the collar area, a pair that is located on the shoulder area and 3, which can be found at the end of the sleeves that are placed on sideways. On the upper part of the sleeves in the bicep area and on the back, a hexagon-shaped insignia can be found. For footwear, Hank dons a light-colored boots. Hank also wears a scarf as well.


Hank displays a rather relaxed personality. Going as far as sleeping in a tavern and did not show any sign of hostility despite being shot by Nancy. However, despite of such nature, Hank is a man of his word and has strong sense of justice. Despite of the seemingly good relationship that he had with one of his subordinates who turned into a monster, he did not hesitate to annihilate him, saying that should their heart be corrupted, they must be annihilated by the hands of their allies, although the ordeal evidently hurt him emotionally.


Tactics: Being a former war veteran and captain, he has an intimate knowledge of tactics and war fare.

General soldier skills: as a soldier, he was likely taught the use of firearms, unarmed combat, knife fighting, and basic survival skills for in the field. He currently story, he carries a revolver with Godkiller bullets.

Transformations: Like all Incarnates, Hank is no longer human. However, unlike any other known Incarnate, he can transform back into his human appearance. He has three known forms. The first is simply his hair turning white in the moonlight.

Second form: His second form is a werewolf, with a taller but still basic human structure, but with the head of a wolf, and his body covered in silver fur with claws and a short tail. General superhuman physic (enhanced strength, speed, endurance, sight, smell, healing ect).

Third form: Seen only briefly, he can take the form of a giant wolf (about 1-2 stories from the ground to the top of his back when standing on all fours.) General superhuman abilities further enhanced from his second form.



When Elaine Bluelake and Hank first met Cain Withers, they were war orphans.[2]

During the Civil War, when Hank appears before her, she asks if he remembers the vow they made as Incarnates. When he recites their vow, she asks if he regrets the power. As Hank denies it, she informs him of the war ending and the country will become one. Hank asks if peace will return, she confirms it but mentions there's no place for them in it, reveals her duty and shoots him. Hank didn't die and would wake up in a clinic in a nearby vilage two months later.[3]


Napping in Burnwood's tavern, he's woken up and shot at by a young girl. When the shooting stops, he gets up and apologizes to the people in the bar, grabs the girl and takes her outside. Telling her she shouldn't point her gun at humans. She informs him it's a keepsake her father and introduces herself. Not responding, she questions if he’s forgotten that he killed her father. Over hearing talking, Hack reveals he came to see Daniel Price.[1]

Walking into the street, he confronts Danny and asks if attacking loaded carriages was his doing. Nancy appears infront of Danny, questioning if he intends to kill him like her father. Hank asks why she's protecting him, when he's a murder. As Danny prepares to attack Nancy. Hank intervenes and draws his weapon, questioning if he remembers their promise. Enraged, Danny transforms and prepares to attack him. Avoiding the attack, Hank jumps on his back and stabs him with his weapon until pulling an explosive attached to his weapon. Standing above him, Hank apologizes and kills him with a gun shot. Being questioned by Nancy, Hank reveals their unit's promise and the war isn't over, as they couldn't end it. Nancy says she doesn't understand, Hank invites her to join him to see if her father deserved to die. They both introduce themselves and Nancy mentions she has left her stuff at the bar. Asking to him wait, she threatens to shoot him.[1]

Rock Hill




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