Japanese Name ハンク
Rōmaji Name Hanku
Gender Male
Hair Color Black and White
Eye Color
Occupation Sergeant
Affiliation Pseudo-God Soldiers
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1
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"Beast Hunter" Hank (ハンク Hanku)[1] is a Pseudo-God Solider, and the former Captain of the Pseudo-God Solider Unit during the Civil War.


Hank is a tall and lean man. He sports an unkempt hair that has portions of it that are jutting on the sides somewhat scruffy, has a dark color and covers his forehead. Hank also has thick eyebrows and slanted eyes. Hank is usually seen donning the hood of his coat.

Hanks attire is a coat that has an elaborate design in it. The center has a cloth in it that appears similar to a pentagon, but is elongated, inverted and rectangular in shape, which houses ten buttons, with five resting on each side. It is fastened with a dark-colored belt, which is also adorned with a suspenders that Hank lets loose. Several straps are seen on Hank's clothing; 2 that are resting on the collar area, a pair that is located on the shoulder area and 3, which can be found at the end of the sleeves that are placed on sideways. On the upper part of the sleeves in the bicep area and on the back, a hexagon-shaped insignia can be found. For footwear, Hank dons a light-colored boots. Hank also wears a scarf as well.


Hank displays a rather relaxed personality. Going as far as sleeping in a tavern and did not show any sign of hostility despite being shot by Nancy. However, despite of such nature, Hank is a man of his word and has strong sense of justice. Despite of the seemingly good relationship that he had with one of his subordinates who turned into a monster, he did not hesitate to annihilate him, saying that should their heart be corrupted, they must be annihilated by the hands of their allies, although the ordeal evidently hurt him emotionally.


Burnwood Arc

Hank is introduced napping in Burnwood's tavern, shortly before being woken up and shot at by a young girl. After the girl stops shooting, Hank stands up and tells her she can't do such things as she'll frighten everyone, and apologizes to the people in the bar, then grabs the girl and runs outside with her under his arm.[1]

Outside she views the hole in his chest and questions if the bullet did that. He reveals only the first bullet hit him, and drops a steel plate onto the floor. He tells her she shouldn't point her elephant gun at humans, when she informs him it's a keepsake her father, and introduces herself. When he doesn't respond, she questions if he’s forgotten, he’s the beast hunter who killed her father. Telling him she came to Burnwood pursuing him, who killed her father and ran. After hearing someone mention "Danny is back" Hack reveals to Nancy he didn't run away as he came to see "him". While viewing the man in the street, he reveals he's a Pseudo-God Soldier and was born in the town. As he walks out into the street, Nancy points her gun at him and asks his he planning to kill him, to which he tells her she's out of bullets, which surprises her.[1]

Confronting Daniel Price he questions about him doing so well recently, and asks what type of job he has. Revealing there's been a number incidents involving loaded carriages being attacked, he asks him if that's his doing. Nancy then suddenly appears standing infront of Danny and questions if he intends to kill him like her father. Hank questions why she is protecting him, when he's a murder.[1]

Rock Hill Arc

Railway Arc


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