Coup de Grace

Incarnate Extermination Unit Coup de Grace ( 化身 ・駆除 ・ユニット ・クーデター ・デ ・恵み, Keshin Kujo Yunitto Kūdetā De Megumi) is a human squadron created by Northern Union of Patria to hunt down Incarnates.


Formed by Northen Patria's goverment to hunt down the remaining Incarnates, Coup de Grace's members number around 30 strong, and are backed up in their misson by reserve and support units.

Coup de Grace was ostenenisbly formed inresponse to public outcry against Incarnates following the widespread destruction in the aftermath of the Whitechurch Incident, but its true purpose it to whittle away reverence for Incarnates and thin their numbers in preparation for the coming battle against New Patria.

Formed around a core of young, elite Union Miltary talent and outfitted with special equipment specially designed for anti-Incarnate combat, Coup de Grace exists as a unquie entity with the union forces and does not have a unit number.

True to its name, the intent of the squadron is to deliver a swift and merciful death to the heroes-turned-Beasts.[1]

Known membersEdit


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