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Japanese Name 神 ・聖な・る獣  (インカーネート)
Rōmaji Name Kami Seinaru Kemono (Inkānēto)
Gender Male and Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Soldiers (Formerly)
Affiliation Northern Union of Patria (Formerly)
Free Nation of New Patria
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1; Episode 1
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Incarnates (神 ・聖な・る獣  (インカーネート), Kami Seinaru Kemono (Inkānēto)) were humans who had given up their appearance in exchange for power equal to a god.


Incarnates are human who can transform into mythological beasts. In their human form, many look the same with visible discoloration spots on their skin.

Their appearance, size, and abilities vary depending on their mythological creature. Besides super strength, some have displayed the ability to generate substances, flight, high defense, or imperceptibility. All Incarnates have the ability to self-heal from normal attacks. Some have shown the ability to change back into their human forms but it's unclear whether constant use is the catalyst of permanent transformation.

However, the danger of being an Incarnate is that one can slowly lose their humanity, causing them to behave like the monster whose powers they were imbued with. Once fully corrupted, they behave more savagely, and in most cases, kill civilians for various reasons (i.e. greed, justice, blood-lust).

Incarnates are tough to kill, and require high-caliber armor-piercing ammo and the special Godkiller bullets to get the job done.


Civil War

Incarnates were created by Elaine Bluelake in École and lead by Hank Henriette on the battlefield, the Incarnate Solider Unit assissted Northern Union of Patria to help turn the tide of battle against Southern Confederation of Patria and win the war to bring peace and unification to the country.

Post War

When the war ended, many Incarnates went there separate ways and wondered to various towns and locations across the country. Many other Incarnates went on to follow Cain Madhouse as he went to form Free Nation of New Patria. Believed to be dead, former Captain Hank would track down and slay many Incarnates for breaking and going against the promise they had made throughout the war: "those whose hearts have been corrupted will be slain by the hands of their allies."

Known members


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