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== Equipment ==
== Equipment ==
* [[Godkiller bullets]] ( a venomous whip for taking down Incarnates )
* [[Godkiller bullets]] ( a venomous whip for taking down Incarnates )
* Other weapons
* Other weapons
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Incarnate Army
Japanese Name 神 ・聖な・る獣  ( 化身 )
Rōmaji Name Kami Seinaru Kemono ( Keshin )
Gender Male and Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Soldiers (Formerly)
Affiliation Northern Union of Patria (Formerly)
Free Nation of New Patria
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1; Episode 1
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Incarnates ( 神 ・聖な・る獣  ( 化身 ) , Kami Seinaru Kemono ( Keshin ) were humans who had given up their appearance in exchange for power equal to a god.


Civil War

Incarnates were created by Elaine Bluelake in École and lead by Hank Henriette on the battlefield, the Incarnate Solider Unit assissted Northern Union of Patria to help turn the tide of battle against Southern Confederation of Patria and win the war to bring peace and unification to the country.

Post War

When the war ended, many Incarnates went there separate ways and wondered to various towns and locations across the country. Many other Incarnates went on to follow Cain Madhouse as he went to form Free Nation of New Patria. Believed to be dead, former Captain Hank would track down and slay many Incarnates for breaking and going against the promise they had made throughout the war, those whose hearts have been corrupted will be slain by the hands of their allies.

Known members


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