Liza Runecastle

Liza Runecastle
Japanese Name ライザ・ルネキャッスル
Rōmaji Name Raiza Runekyassuru
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Affiliation Post War Processing Unit, Intelligence Agency
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 2; Episode 1
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Liza Runecastle (ライザ・ルネキャッスル Raiza Runekyassuru) is a spy from the Northern Union of Patria who feeds information to Hank Henriette about the Incarnates.


Liza is a tall and slender woman with large breasts. She has long curly hair which stretches half way down her back.


Liza is a kind, and passionate, woman who always thinks of what is best for her comrades and friends. Although she does have a mischievous side by teasing others through her curvy and slender body but she always does what she knows best. There are times when she will act as a big sister figure to certain characters. Her showing of some of her cleavage show she has little to no modesty.


Rouge Hill Arc

Liza is introduced stood outside a shop in Rouge Hill, when she notices Hank, who runs away from her. Liza then makes her way to his hotel and awaits for his arrival. When Hank arrives she asks if he thought he could get away from her. Shortly afterwards Hank informs her about the Incarnates he'd killed, including Daniel Price. Liza then reads him the reports about the Minotaur. Until she notices the hole in his chest, and questions how it happened. Hank mentions Nancy Schaal Bancroft did it and she questions who she is. Liza then introduces herself to Nancy and calls her a nuisance. After the three of them hear the Minotaur's shouting, she reveals to Hank the why it built its fortress.[1]

Liza later appears in the Minotaur's fortress, saving Nancy from being killed. Telling her she can talk big, she questions if she can protect herself. Revealing Hank knew she was following them, she claims it seems he wants her to take of her and asks her to follow. When Nancy begins to question herself, Liza tells her if Hank tolerates her, it can't be helped. Nancy then questions her about what type of Incarnate Hank is. Shortly afterwards they both encounter Hank lying on the floor. Until she pulls back Nancy as they witness him being shot with arrows, she tells her he'll be fine, as he's one of the few Incarnates can switch between forms. When Hank collapses after killing Theodore, she and Nancy carry him out the fortress.[2]

Railway Arc

Liza appears before Hank, questioning the strange look on his face. Hank then asks who are the men beside her. Revealing they're responsible for what happened to the Behemoth, and the railway bridge is still standing. Asking Hank is it not great how everything turned out. Hank asks if she has some business with him, claiming how that cold he is, she questions him over the girl being allowed to be close to him on his travels, but herself being unable to. Liza then reveals to Hank that she's discovered the whereabouts of Cain Madhouse, and gives him the location.[3]


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