Japanese Name ミリエリア
Rōmaji Name Mirieria
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Green
Affiliation Free Nation of New Patria
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 5; Episode 1

Miglieglia ( ミリエリア , Mirieria ) is one of the main antagonists, often seen accompanying Cain Madhouse. Miglieglia is a young girl who is revealed to be an Incarnate.




Miglieglia is an Incarnate since birth.

Necromancy: By spreading a special powder, Miglieglia is able to reanimate the corpse of the dead and have them become an army of zombies.



Miglieglia was the result of multiple experiments performed at École by the hand of Elaine Bluelake. Being an artificially created living being, she was born as an Incarnate. When Cain Madhouse betrayed Elaine and Hank Henriette, he took Elaine with him to École, trying to learn the secrets behind the creation of the Incarnate. In the laboratory, he found Miglieglia then a fetus in incubation. Realizing what her true nature is, he takes her with himself delighted at the discovery of an innately born Incarnate. Giving her, her name of "Miglieglia", Cain would raise her.


Miglieglia and Cain In Whitechurch

Miglieglia and Cain in Whitechurch.

Walking throughout Whitechurch accompanying Cain Madhouse, she watches as he's stopped by two women. Grabbing a hold of one, he releases her and she starts biting the other women's neck. Walking away, Cain says its such a dull night and asks what she thinks, to which she agrees.[1]

Alongside Cain, they visit the town's church to see Christopher Keynes where Cain tells him they share a common enemy.[2]

They re-enter the town's church after Christopher Keynes's death. Where Cain where confronts Hank Henriette about the weak being crushed.[3]

When Cain reveals he came to deliver an invitation Miglieglia drops a letter in front of Hank. Mentioning the location is inside and says he'll be waiting for him the next night.[4]


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