Nancy Charlotte Bancroft
Nancy Charlotte Bancroft
Japanese Name ナンシー·シャーロット·バンクロフト
Rōmaji Name Nanshī Shārotto Bankurofuto
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Family John William Bancroft (Father)
Occupation Civilian
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Nancy Charlotte Bancroft (ナンシー·シャーロット·バンクロフト Nanshī Shārotto Bankurofuto) is the daughter of John William Bancroft.[1]


Nancy is a woman of average stature and has a slim figure. She has a peach colored skin, long eyelashes and round, blue eyes. Her hair sports a dark color which is kept in a braid that reaches up to her legs and is fastened by a butterfly-shaped ribbon, with the wings bearing the colors of light blue and purple. Nancy's forehead is covered with her bangs.

Nancy's attire is a one piece black dress that is similar to a Gothic Lolita dress. It has a white section that has a frilled collar that goes all the way down on the black trimming and designs on the side. She also has a red ribbon that has a yellow colored button in the center. The white innards goes past the black dress and is also frilled. The back of her dress is supported by laces that are tied together. She wears dark-colored stockings and ankle-high boots with light colored-laces. On her back, Nancy slings the Elephant Gun.



Burnwood ArcEdit

Nancy is introduced on the outskirts of Burnwood claiming it's not fair even though war has long ended, and asks for her father to give her strength. Arriving in town, she enters a tavern where she's overcome by emotion. Pulling out a gun, she claims the man wearing hooded white coat will pay for murdering her father and shoots him in the chest until falling over continuing shooting. When the smoke clears, she is picked up by the man, and taken out of the bar with her under his arm. Outside viewing the hole in his chest, she asks if the bullet hit him. He reveals only the first bullet hit him, and drops a steel plate onto the floor. Being told not to point her gun at humans, she informs him it's a keepsake her father. When he doesn't respond, she questions if he’d forgotten, he killed her father. Informing him of being pursued. The man tells Nancy he came for "him". When he walks in the street, Nancy appears points her gun, asking if he's planning to kill him, to which she's told she's out of bullets, which surprises her. When she stands in front of the Pseudo-God Solider. The man reveals his target is a murderer. Turning around she sees the Pseudo-God Solider about to attack, until she's saved the man.[1]

After the Pseudo-God Soldier’s death Nancy asks why is that he killed her father, when all he wished for was to live.She's told that was the promise of their unit. Nancy metions the civil war is over, but the man reveals it's not over, as they couldn't end it. Speechless she tells him about his hair changing colour. He reveals he’s a Pseudo-God Soldier as he's their captain. Claiming she doesn't understand why he'd make a promise to kill his former friends. The man asks her to join him to see if her father deserved to be killed, and introduces himself as Hank. When she tells him to hold on, as she’s forgot her things. She asks him again to hold on and wait, questioning if she should shoot him again.[1]

Rock Hill ArcEdit

Railway ArcEdit


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