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Map of Patria following Free Nation of New Patria formation.


Patria is a democratic republic created by colonists of the Patrian continent who achieved indepedence from the Old World roughly 100 years ago.

The well industrailized North and the natural resource rich South are divided by a vast, underdevolped plains region. Numerous economic led to several Southeren regions to a form a confedaration of Patria.

Relations between the North and South have normalised following the end of the war, but both sides continue to use their own system of goverance. The Incarnates brought the Civil War to an end, but the country's wounds run deep. Both sides continue to struggle with poverty and inequality resulting in the war unsresolved. Even now, the embers yet burn.[1]

During the civil war, the technology of Patria is similar to 19th century technology with flintlock firearms and cannonball-style cannons being used. Several years after the civil war, Patria technology advanced fairly to the Wild West era with the introduction of bolt-action rifles and bullet cartridge.


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