Port Gulf

Port Gulf a port town whose glory has faded away.


Blessed with natarul features perfectly suited for a marine port, Port Gulf was populas fishing village since time immemorial. Following the modernization of ship building and the use of ships for material transportation, the town rapidly expanded into a hub for intercity transport.

During the Civil War, Port Gulf became Patria Union base and a target for the southen forces which wought destruction on the town. Already struggling to recover after the end of the war, the city was dealt another blow by the devolpment of rail networks across the country. Its geographic placement was already inconveinient, and so Port Gulf was forced to watch as the majority of its intercity traffic was stolen away by more convient rail service.

With its population of sailers nearly wiped out from the war and the town's former glory all but lost, Port Gulf is slowly returning to its humble days as a fishing hamlet.[1]


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