Rivulet Wood

Rivulet Wood is the home of Nancy Schaal Bancroft and John William Bancroft.


A small village on a small stretch of flatland ensconed in sheer cliffs and deep valleys, Rivulet Wood was once a popular resting place for those braving the trenchous mountian passes during the wild frontier days. Following the discovery alternate routes trough the pass, however, the town's people have been forced to meager agrarian existance from what little arable land there is.

Within the village are the remains of a disproportionatley large church building, built with donations from travelers wishing for a safe journey, which became too much for the villagers to maintain on their own. Records show outsides ran an orphanage within the abandoned church at one point, but it's since been boarded up.

In recent years, war and lack of jobs forced the younger population to leave, Rivulet Wood is quietly slipping into decline.[1]


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