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Rotary Machine Cannon a superweapon that generates a deluge of bullets.


A special weapon prepared for Incarnate Extermination Unit Coup de Grace capable of firing a rapid succession of anti-Incarnate armour piercing rounds through it rotating barrels. Based on anti-infantry weapon developed towards end of Civil War, its heaviness makes moving and rotating the cannon difficult, which, when combined with its limited range, makes it all but impossible to strike a target without fist luring it directly in front of the barrels.

The machine cannon used by Coup de Grace has been modifed to be more powerful in combat with Incarnates as well as altred to make it somewhat lighter. These days have proven effective, allowing the cannon fire to pierce durable Incarnate skin and armour. The cannon is also able to be disassembled into smaller parts for transport, making it ideally suited to a squadron that must travel to various regions in order to fell Incarnates.[1]


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