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Japanese Name ロイ
Rōmaji Name Roi
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown (Human Form)
Black (Incarnate Form/Manga)
Black & Purple (Incarnate Form/Anime)
Eye Color Brown (Human Form
Height 10 ft. (Incarnate Form)
Occupation Soldier (Formerly)
Affiliation Free Nation of New Patria
Incarnate Soldier Unit (Formerly)
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 16; Episode 1
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Rex Brock (レックス・ブロック, Rekkusu Burokku) also known as Roy (ロイ, Roi) is a Garmr Incarnate and member of Incarnate Soldier Unit during the Civil War. He currently serves Cain Madhouse and the Free Nation of New Patria.


In his human form, Roy is a man of average height and brown hair. As a result of becoming an Incarnates, there are purple spots on his cheeks and his neck

In his Garmr form, he stands at 10 feet tall, has purple skin and a black mane and black fur stretching down his torso.


Among the unit, Roy is the proudest member in the group. He is the more talkative member out of all members. As an Incarnate, He showed little to no fear (possibly due to the near invincibility of Incarnates). With his humanity gone, Roy has developed an intense bloodlust and a hunger for battle. This was shown when he didn't kill Hank during the day when his powers are inactive.


It resembles the incarnate Werewolf, but instead of the ability to revert to human form, it possess superior strength and speed. It also has more characteristics typical of an animal, and instinctively gathers information about its surroundings with its keen sense of hearing and smell. However, without either overwhelming size or supernatural strength, it relies on its innate muscular strength and speed to attack its prey.

Among the Incarnates with their many extraordinary powers, at first glance Garmr appears to be fairly ordinary, but its swiftness and sharp claws are quite sufficient to deal fatal blows to humans.[1]



Before becoming an Incarnate, Roy was a field soldier for Northern Union of Patria on the front lines of the Civil War. He seemed to have a fear of death, despite being a soldier for the North. During his first mission, he found himself engulfed with fear and unable to pull the trigger. His platoon was wiped out minus him. Sometime later, he was found on the battlefield by Cain and Hank. He would later join the Incarnate Soldier Unit.[2]

Great Mountains

When Hank Henriette is travelling through the mountains, Roy confronts him saying he's been awaiting his arrival. Delivering a message from Cain Madhouse, Hank asks if he's took his side as that's not the promise they made. He tells Hank as he's persistent in clinging to the past he can't see the big picture anyone. Roy says the squad the squad is long gone and tells its time for him die.[3]


In the anime, it was confirmed his name is not Roy, it was a nickname given by the members of the Incarnate Soldier Unit. His real name is Rex Brock.


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