Southern Confederation of Patria


A federation of the main cities spread across the vast Southern Region of the Patria continent, the South boasts bountiful natural resources and high populations, thriving agricultural and mining industries, and numberous large cities throughout the inner and coastal regions.

Southern business owners sought free trade with the Old world in order to increase exports of its vast stores of natural resources, but this led to an ideological conflict with the North. By the time war broke out, while the South was techologically disavantaged, their resources allowed them to hold the upper hand until the appearance of the North's Incarnates.

The Incarnates unbelievable strength turned the tides in an instant, and the resulting cease fire left a sense of bitterness and resentment in part of populace, some of whom would later join Free Nation of New Patria, located in the western section of the continent.[1]


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