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Raymond McArthur
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Age 21
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Khaki (Human Form)
Light blue (Incarnate Form)
Family Unknown
Occupation Captain (Formerly)
Beast Hunter
Affiliation Incarnate Soldier Unit (Formerly)
Team Incarnates (Alternate Universe)
First Appearance
Debut 2020

My name is Raymond "Ray" McArthur, the Skyfish Incarnate with the power to zip and hover into great distances in a lightning speed and wields an extremely sensitive hearing. I earned a rank of Captain due to my special abilities to lead my own platoon for the Civil War but I decided to join Hank Henriette instead due to my lack of leadership and shyness behavior.

I'm a creator of the Alternate Universe of To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts, titled "Beyond the Sacred Beasts". It is a collaborative fanfic novel available only in my Discord server called "Sacred Beasts World." If you are curious, discuss with me on the Message Wall.

I'm also the creator of CarBot Animations Wiki.


Ray is a young adult with a rather athletic build. His skin is a fair complexity. His hair is black-tone with faux-hawk look but he dons a long hair tied with gray hairband, and he lets his ponytail rest on his right chest. His uniform is basically similar to the lower ranks of Incarnates such as Theodore Sherman's.

As a Skyfish Incarnate, he is based on a monstrous moray eel with two wavelength-like fins on his both sides of the long body from eyebrows to tail. His skin is pale white. He has a crest fin with three spikes on his head. His mouth is added with a secondary jaw with two large teeth that can spread sideways. When he is in berserk mode, his eyes glow light blue, changed from human khaki iris.

The image of Ray in both human and Incarnate form is on this link.


Although he is courageous and determined captain, he is a rather shy and introvert but he manages to gain social acceptance with other Incarnate soldiers, especially when he recruited his own Incarnate platoon as he received a captain rank when he was drafted to become part of Elaine Bluelake's experiments for the Incarnate Soldier Unit. He lacks the sense of leadership to give out orders and strategies. Afterwards, he merged with Hank's main battalion when their first battle in the Civil War begins.


With the power of a Skyfish, Ray's Incarnate form allows him to travel into blazing speeds in the blink of an eye; thus, he can hover over the ground and zip straightforward to the destination. He is armed with long, sharp claws on his fingers that can slice into flesh of an unfortunate man in tremendous velocity. He is also equipped with secondary yet passive ability: super hearing. He can listen to distant noises, even the whispers when he is close to others.