Volume 3
Volume 3
Volume Information
Title Volume 3
Japanese Release Date 9 December 2015
English Release Date 22 November 2016
JP ISBN 978-4-06-395552-1
ENG ISBN 978-1-942993-64-3
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Volume 3 is the third volume of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts series.


  1. "Chapter 11"
  2. "Chapter 12"
  3. "Chapter 13"
  4. "Chapter 14"
  5. "Chapter 15"


One year after the incident at Whitechurch, Cain Madhouse leads a band of Incarnates and rouses disgruntled citizens to create a rebel nation called New Patria. Schall returns to Rivulet Wood to pay her respects to her father’s grave. A new military unit whose sole mission is to wipe out the remaining Incarnates hunts for Hank, who has gone to ground while on his own mission to put his former Incarnate subordinates to peace…

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