Volume 4
Volume 4
Volume Information
Title Volume 4
Japanese Release Date 9 August 2016
English Release Date 14 February 2017
JP ISBN 978-4-06-395682-5
ENG ISBN 978-1-945054-03-7
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Volume 4 is the forth volume of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts series.


  1. "Chapter 17"
  2. "Chapter 18"
  3. "Chapter 19"
  4. "Chapter 20"
  5. "Chapter 21"
  6. "Chapter 22"


Schaal travels with Liza and Coup de Grace, as she searches for the missing Hank. But along the journey, Major Claude announces that Hank is the next target for extermination by his corps. Meanwhile, Hank is locked in a battle to the death with his former subordinate, the Incarnate Garmr, who urges Hank to give up his human form entirely so they can fight each other as true Beasts…

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