Volume 6
Volume 6
Volume Information
Title Volume 6
Japanese Release Date 8 September 2017
English Release Date 19 June 2018
JP ISBN 978-4-06-510201-5
ENG ISBN 978-4-06-510201-5
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Volume 6 is the sixth volume of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts series.


  1. "Chapter 29"
  2. "Chapter 30"
  3. "Chapter 31"
  4. "Chapter 32"
  5. "Chapter 33"


The Incarcate Centaurus was felled, but with a most unsavory method. The fort at Bold Creek was captured, but the townsfolk nearby suffer an unimaginable fate, and the occupying forces are faced with a terrible choice. Meanwhile, Hank and Schaal, after deserting from the army, come across a small logging village, totally deserted except for a kindly ex-soldier who has forgotten his role in the war. And Cain Madhouse is conducting some dark experiments of his own…

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