Volume 8
Volume 8
Volume Information
Title Volume 8
Japanese Release Date 9 August 2018
English Release Date 25 June 2019
JP ISBN 978-4-06-512324-9
ENG ISBN 978-1-947194-62-5
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Volume 8 is the eighth volume of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts series.


  1. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 1)"
  2. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 2)"
  3. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 3)"
  4. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 4)"
  5. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 5)"


Schaal passes out after she hears the Voice of God at the Incarnate research facility École. Hank stays at her bedside until she wakes up. There was once another woman who similarly heard the Voice of God—the genius who created the Incarnates, Elaine. When Schaal asks Hank about his relationship with Elaine, Hank resolves to tell her the truth, and the story shifts into his past with Elaine…

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