Volume 9
Volume 9
Volume Information
Title Volume 9
Japanese Release Date 25 June 2019
English Release Date 27 August 2019
JP ISBN 978-4-06-514422-0
ENG ISBN 978-1-947194-94-6
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Volume 9 is the nineth volume of the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts series.


  1. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 6)"
  2. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 7)"
  3. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 8)"
  4. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 9)"
  5. "Memories of the Begining (Pt. 10)"


As their happy time as students of the Church comes to an end, Hank, Cain and Elaine start out on separate paths. Elaine struggles with doubts regarding her lonely research into somnium. To add fuel to the fire, she received word from Hank that he will be deployed to the front lines. As the war intensifies, the “voice of God” ceaselessly beckons. What future lies ahead for both Hank and Elaine?

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