Whitechurch, the City of Steam is a city of poverty and prosperity created by coal.


Whitechurch quickly grew into an industrialized city following the discovery of high quality "black diamond" coal. Whitechurch started off as a remote village visited by few except those who made pilgrimages to its church, but as the demand of coal rapidly increased, the city greatly expanded. Yet this expansion led to massive inequality between the haves and the have not, and the old district surrounding the city's namesake church turned into a slum.

While Whitechurch was never the site off battle during the Civil War, many poor residents lost their lives, and many in the upperclass lose their fortunes. This led to a very small number of wealthy people pushing towards reopening of hostilities in order the reclaim the spoils of war.

In addition, several rich veins of previous ores were discovered deep within the coal mines during the war, but they are currently sealed off.[1]


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